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Explore the esteemed organisations that have embraced our vision of transforming business around the globe. Our Certified Members represent a diverse array of industries and are committed to creating inclusive environments that support women at every stage of their careers. Click on each logo to visit their website and discover how they're leading the way in workplace reform. Join the movement towards equality and empowerment with our Certified Members.

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We are on a bold new mission to transform the way we do business globally. To launch a movement like we have not seen before. We want you to be a part of making history as conscious corporations commit to certified workplace reform.

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Thank you for taking us through the WCorp certification process. This is a hugely important initiative to help create a more equal world of work. We need environments that are safe for women, better designed for women and where women can thrive.

We found the process supportive, thought provoking and action orientated.  We are excited to put into place additional measures and hold some critical conversations so continue to meet the certification requirements. It was fun, empowering and challenging in equal measure! Thank you for this incredibly important initiative. 

Lucy Chamberlain
Founder of C and C Search