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A Letter from the Founder


Dear Ambassadors:  

WCorp came about from my 15 years of coaching CEO's, and Senior Execs across so many sectors and industries and seeing again and again the same problem.

For women, a 'normal' organisation is not a level playing field.

It is not a comfortable way to work. It is not set up for women to thrive. It is not set up for women to perform at their best. It stops women succeeding from the beginning of their journey at work.

Even when women run the organisation, they face the same challenges.

Hence WCorp.

We want to tackle head on one of the reasons for the 'broken rung'.

What is the broken rung phenomenon? It results from systemic and cultural issues that pervade many workplaces - which lead to the barriers women face when taking their first step into managerial roles.

Women immediately lose ground to men in career advancement, from that moment on.

Our goal at WCorp is to narrow in on creating systemic organisational change in companies so that these structures naturally take into account the differing life changes 100% of women go through in life.

Ultimately this will create a level playing field for women and ensure that women do not struggle with burnout and stress at work to the extent they do. Which finally leads to many of them deciding that leaving the workplace is their only option.

We live in a time in history where we are divided, unwillingly, into a polarized masculine feminine dialogue of 'us' versus 'them'. Where duality has led to duel. And every well-meaning approach works, but only up to a point. 

Now imagine breaking down the walls of ineffective policies, where conscious corporations commit to certified workplace reform, courageous leaders embed game-changing opportunity, inspired communities ignite grassroots movements... and all of this in the modern workplace.

This is a movement focused on the reality of transformation not routine rhetoric, turning noisy activism into powerful advocacy and redefining the narrative from victimhood to victory.

This is a global movement like no other, where the word "woman" is now defined as an empowered force for limitless leadership, safer ways of working, unparalleled human impact and a voice for what the world needs now.

Thank you for being an Ambassador for change.

With gratitude,

Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Founder of WCorp